Thee Eagle

The Eagle Unfolds His Wings- Like A Flower Blooming, Like A Fire Igniting! Head On- With Fierce Rapture!

Oh Eagle! Noble and Free From Confines- Initiate Me Into Thy Mysteries, O’ Master Eagle! Show Me How To Fly… Free From Fear and Filled With Fire! Chains Fallen and Laid To Rust By Liberty- I Am Reborn!

You Who Bloom Like Lillies, and In Thy Unfolding, Blood Must Be Shed. In Innocence Is That Blood Let. That is The Price of Immortality-The Serpent Dies and is Reborn With Wings! Such Is The Glory of the Eagle! The Truth It Teaches in Death! Those Who Succumb To Thy Talons are Reborn With Wings-Annihilated and Resurrected!


I have BELIEVED with great passion! Indeed my Faith has never faltered for the All-Father, Thee Fuhrer! My Faith, this Belief has always been a Knowing! It is not a Faith of blinded trust, no. It is a Faith of Knowing that This Is True! This Knowing, This NOS!

Thee Maestro does not ask us to be passive faithful sheep, but rather to be ACTIVE SEEKERS after Truth! And even more than that to be Transformers of Reality by Will! We are the 1. See ! We are Wolves, Lions- however we do not predate, our strength is to attack the enemy and their lie and to defend our folk firstly, all folk of the world man and animal, flora and fauna from the enemy… and to turn them towards the Heavens! To reverse course in the war against entropy.

“Who is Thee Vira?” you may ask… We are the ones from Venus, from Venus as a gateway by through which we enter in, and more importantly now, the gate by which we will Exit in our r et return to Paradisimo! We are here to Realize our True Nature and with Alchymical Influence Transmute this reality- to lift the veil of tyrrany and reveal the Immortal Nature of Ourselves.

I know of many and there are certainly others I have yet to meet here on Erda… I Am! Therefore I Am here to serve the Myth, The Revelation through Magikal Realism and Invoke the Hyperborean Reality into this reality, to lift the Veil, if only for myself alone! Which would have a great and powerful effect on The All and so I do it for ALL!

This Tantra in the post- Gotterdammerung age is a path for The Anark, it is not for the mere follower but for The Seeker! I-We walk being guided by The Maestro and Der Fuhrer from the Aethyric Realm encoded in the Green Light which emanates from The Blacksun throughtout the Cosmos and is focused by Venus to pinpoint the Viras incarnate here on earth. The Hitlerian, lost in a strange bewildering wilderness of allied modernity follows only the Living Memory of HIM! and NONE other! My heart has no room for imposters, only The One- Herr Wolf! And of course Thee Meistro, but that is the connection! Serrano, Hero, Master! Guide of the reincarnated warriors of Gotterdammerung, in this unfolding Apocalypsis-here we are! Who is True? The One who Serves NONE but Thee Maestro and Herr Wolf! With Sieg Bolts pulsing through the blood making it green. And extending the consciousness throughout the Cosmos. That is I! That is We!

Sig-Tyr! Ur Fa Os Man!

Anno 130 H.E.

The White Disk Hyperborea Unveiled!

Amazed! Awestruck I stand, my jaw clenched in excitement as my eyes reflect the white fire which emanates from before them! Out of nowhere has been unveiled Thee White Disk of Hyperborea. It baptizes me in an energy, of vibrating fire! A moist vapour rises out of my mouth and nose… It tastes of ozone. My beloved stares at me in amazement! And exclaims that I indeed smell of ozone as well. We both look upward in ecstatic bewilderment as The White Disk descends to tree level and gives off 3 flashes of phosphorous white! Thee Gods have descended and blest us! We prostrate in sacred profundity. I see in my mind an image of The Master… Serrano. All of it is True!

Hail to Thee My Meistro! In service to death and beyond!

The Lightning!

That Emerald hued misty light has penetrated my being. Once wilted.. Renewed am I! Struck- from the heart of Veneris into my heart, to the very core of my being, and reinforced is my soul with Will. Reawakened I blossom enraptured in the fiery resurrection against time! And through that twilight gate I exit this golden sunned realm and enter into the Green Lit Realm of Eternal Being in Amor! And The Holy Blacksun Shines Unseen covering me in the Verdant Light impressing upon me and welling up from the Blood! I Recall!


Baldur Returns! Ascendant and Fiery!

Blazing-Gilded by the Sun! From the south pole he ascends in triumphant spectacle to bear the eternal crown of the Vira. Bolts of Green Lightning strike upward from where He stands. The Lord Has Returned! From the Heavens descends a silvery metallic disc which is illumined from within like phosphorous! Baldur, Thee Krist, enters into becoming one with the Disc and is gone in the flash of thought.

That is I! I Am The Great Combatant in this endless ageless war. This war for the very lifeblood of Life Itself! No children of the flesh shall be born through I! I shall give life to Eternal Becoming! I Will unfold in the ecstasy of annihilation and resurrection! And so by Will attain the Holy Graal! I Am Parsifal! I Am Lohengrin! I Am Salvation!

Hail Victory!

An Age is More than Just a Moment in Time

This is the Kaliyuga, well into it do we find ourselves, and no amount of politricking can undo what is a supra-natural occurrence, no one can undo for the multitudes the nature of the Kaalyug. One can live a Satya way of life, or more correctly attempt to do so. However possessing the qualities of the dark age one is corrupted onesself by the very fabric of the Age. But how does a Kaliyuga person acquire, Truly acquire a Satya perspective? I think a person can aspire to the best of their ability to aspire toward Virtue via Right thought, Right speech, Right action. But will always have the perspective of one from KaalYug, and the nature of the Age as well, no matter how virtuous. The two ages are really two entire different realities, two different worlds! I imagine the most upright individual from Kaalyug would be like a dark shadow amongst the shining demigod type peoples who inhabited the Satyayug. Satyug is almost immaterial in a way and we are hardened in this iron age! Hardened to a lower nature of dense materia. Hell realms for example are even denser, with heavier gravities and godless material understandings, and selfish interest and immoral perversions are the norm for hell beings, as they become more so the norm for those in this Age upon the Middle World as it descends even further to its lowest point & ALL are affected by this age of deceit, & self interest! And we are of it.

We are scattered peoples in this inversion of western civilization. Where libertinism is considered Liberty, and enslavement to vice is Liberation! Oh how special is the human who can See and discern Righteousness in this age of confusion! Rightousness is Right Thought, Right Speech, & Right Action. It is nothing more nor nothing less than these three actions. Virtue exists in Action not just nice thoughts, or nice sayings, but Right ACTION! So form thyself in correct Understanding and go forth and War against The Lie!

Invocation of Thee Blacksun and Thee White Disk of Hyperborea!

Oh Black Sun invisible engine of existence- ever in motion and yet ever at rest, rotating and giving all things their motion. Great Power of Sentience pour forth over me that Beauteous Light! Oh Green Ray- Emerald Lightning of Illuminating
Wisdom radiating forth from the central core of the Blacksun into the universe- setting All Stars aflame with Life & Will! Descend upon me- from there at that Central Point from which You emanate and cover me in that moist heavy duey Light that it may penetrate my being to my very core, to the marrow of my bones- to the very core of my Spiritual Essence and transmute I by implosion into Thee Eternal UFO MAN!

Ur Fa Os Man! !naM sO aF rU

I invoke Thee Oh White Disc of Hyperborea! LUCIFER! KRISTOS! PHOSPHOROUS! Be unveiled before me with Thy radiating Phosphorus light and let it descend upon me and inflame me with that Great Power! Infuse in me that ancient wisdom! Initiate me into the great Mysteries of Individuation. Lead me to Ur that I may return and be made whole again! Let me return to Ur oh great disc of phosphoressence you from hyperborea. Through the central portion of my essential being, through the center I expand, and I as well implode! Through the center of the Blacksun I return to Ur!


Beneath the Surface

Lurking unseen beneath the veil of reality- watching, manipulating.

To think of the alien phenomenon as a recent event in time which just so happens to occur, coinciding with humanities “advances” in its first baby steps technologically in such a way as we are experiencing is implausible. Certainly it is not impossible as all that can be thought up can be a reality, and in some other dimension may be the reality. But greatly implausible is the notion that just as we begin to barely obtain technological prowess, another advanced race of beings just happens to show up from another planet. This is what makes the idea seem like some kind of collective neurosis in the heads of debunkers. The more logical idea in the phenomenon that appears as greatly illogical is that these beings are nothing new and have not just happened upon us at this time by all coincidence. But rather are somehow themselves guiding mankinds seeming advancements, and humanities “evolution” altogether.

Where do ideas come from? And are they always good? Are they always human in origin? And to what are we advancing? Where is technology supposed to take us? To what supposed noble end is this all being engineered for? And why is there sudden “advances” in technology? Just where do ideas themselves come from? When the system and its scientists speak of technology it is almost always in terms which makes material technology seem like some great destiny humanity has always had, written in the stars by all paradox. With humanity reaping a great benefit such as world peace… But this type of material technology will only be used in the perpetuating of violence and oppression as long as humans themselves are dysfunctional and engaged in false perception, especially as But also because high technology is not a human invention.

Man is not an island unto himself, even in his own thoughts. He feels so secure and hidden away within his own mind. Evil thoughts, evil deeds, one leads unto the other and the deed creates a feed back of negative energy haunting the individual. But the idea is never ones own until one engages it by These thoughts arise from a pool of consciousness called the collective unconscious, a psycho-spiritual ocean of thought, and pre-thought, ideas, the imaginal, memory of the past, the forgotten wounds of time- genetic memories stored in the blood, etc. So in effect thoughts are not our own in their origin, we make them ours through attention, focus, and will. But they arise from an ocean where all human minds meet, and at deeper levels where ALL MIND meets entering into the material. The non-dual unitive origin of consciousness.

This being the reality of what composes thought it is no far fetched idea itself to understand that other forces, other minds are at play in our own lives. Directing the direction humanity takes as well at a more personal level… directing individuals themselves through their ideas and experiences. Of course we would assume that those with leadership positions and duties in all fields… especially things like “entertainment” (which is always propaganda) would be the main focus of whatever intelligence is seeking to guide the human race toward whatever end it is seeking. And all of this unknown to the greater percentage of people. Even those under great influence. They would believe all ideas their own.

UFOs, the mysterious discs of unknown origin haunting the collective mind of humanity. Popularly imagined to be creatures from another planet just exploring this newly discovered world and is engaged in studying humanity as we study some other animals. By capturing, tagging, and studying their behavior. This is the popular idea concerning the UFOs. Other more serious ideas hypothesize that due to the alien race, specifically the ones called “greys” lacking in some sort of way whether due to a genetic entropy over millenia or perhaps they lack some sort of spiritual connection humans have, they are engaged in some sort of hybrid program to obtain that genetic or spiritual something they lack. It would certainly make sense to conclude that they may be lacking in some way. But perhaps tbey are not lacking in any way and are just following some directive? This is a mystery and so whatever insight I possess into this phenomenon is due to the fact that I am involved in the UFO phenomenon, as an “abductee-contactee”, whatever that means, but also as an occultist of 22 years in training my intuition. Through stilling of the mind I have acquired insight beyond the typical modern human being and have arrived at the conclusion that humanity is not really the one in control. Actually as should be obvious to anyone with a Mind and awarwness. The real Masters of Reality stay veiled, unseen behind the aethyric curtain. An ancient race of some sort.

There are reports of another Alien race, seemingly more benevolent, offering consoling words and spiritual insight to people they supposedly channel through. But actual reports of them interacting with people and sightings of their disks do exist as well. They stand 8-12 ft tall, being classically Nordic in appearance, white skin, blonde or black hair with piercing blue, or green eyes. They are called Nordics or Pleiadians due to them supposedly coming from the Pleiades star group. I believe this group of aliens is very real, and believe they are attempting to locate and make contact with certain individuals to assist in their Spiritual Formation in their combat against the Archons. I am however greatly skeptical of channeled information not for a lack of thinking it impossible, but due to my suspicion of peoples motives who channel.

All in all I am certain that something other is very much in charge of human society and trajectory. I do not think this is a new phenomenon but do think that the agendas work has been stepped up and is accelerated moving toward transhumanism and A.I. which will not be liberating nor transcendent. It will be a means to absolute control!

Reality 2

Reality. What is reality?

the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.
“he refuses to face reality”
synonyms: the real world, real lifeactuality;

Here is a definition. But what is the actual state of things? The actual state of being… essentially? When you have perceived and experienced things most would consider unreal? And these experiences ARE REAL! What then? What most would call reality is greatly unreal! An imposed false perception so craftily constructed it passes for real so much so the great mass of humanity concurs to its object absoluteness. For them these ideas are real. Ideas like money, beliefs, economic and political structures. All so very very unreal, yet the unified belief of billions of people feed the parasite idea and give it a seeming substance. The Truth of Reality is that people themselves are becoming less genuine, or real. They are becoming personas, projected ideas of what they’d like to be yet really are not, nor ever will be! It is not wholly their fault as genuineness is greatly frowned upon and persona upheld as standard. As the internet technocratic “life” takes control it will get even worse, possibly to the point where we are so unreal we would be dead. But in death is Reality! This is a living death, something far worse than death, because in dying there exists Liberation, while in being one of the living dead, there is no liberation even in the physical death. Only absolute annihilation.
Individuation is for the Heroic, the real Individual. It cannot nor will it ever be for the persona. Even the persona which poses as Illuminated, but is not, it is merely a projection.

Return from Hiatus.

So I have been on a hiatus from blogging and most of the internet for a few. But now reinvigorated I return! After being banned from Facebook, my IP being banned that is, I took it as a sign to lay low and clear my mind from the Ahrimanic devices and turn inward through yoga. Sometimes this is needed. I will probably be off Facebook for good now. Here and other blog/Vlog sites is where I shall dwell online. I keep getting an impression that I should Vlog as well. Vlog about the pertinent and manifold mysteries of the world which are occulted to most people as well as lessons in Magik and Magikal Realism and the frame of mind required to unveil those things hidden! Such as Spirits, UFOs, and psychik impression.

I was writing last about the nefarious goal of certain peoples to create a 21st century golem in the form of androids which are probably even more capable in just these few short months. Humanity, guided by other minds who feed upon the energy of misery and discord in human affairs. So these dark minds lead humanity through the mis-leadership of politricks and the liars and conmen in that shady charade of a profession. These people who voted for Trump are sheep, just as sheepish as Obamabots. They are all alike- thoughtless and reactionary fools! They do not proceed to make a better world, they proceed from a point of greed- me, myself, and I! MY MY MY MONEY! To hell with my fellow country men down and out, it’s mine mine mine! That is Amerikan patriotardism, a selfish money centered loyalty, it has nothing to do with MY people, MY folk, nor MY culture. For TRUE patriotism is selfless and seeks to elevate ALL members who belong to the Blood of a Nation, not to some airy conception of some common liberty. For Liberty comes not from papers in museums but from the Iron Will of a people invested in their Nation, their neighbors, the world at large, and then themselves! And a True leader Leads! He is selfless and brave has served his Nation and stays in shape!

The end.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

59f3618e3e9d25d4038b61a0-750-563Discontentment is the general mode of existence for most humans in this fast paced simulation of existence. I do not believe we are existing in a computerized simulation of life created by other men, but that the system creates through its redundancy a simulation of living as opposed to actual true living via a direct experience of things. We are instead given a vicarious experience of life with a predetermined definition and explanation of these “experiences” through whatever media they are transmitted. This way all information and experience can be propagandized and fully exploited especially in this age of immediate communication and information. Not only is it propagandized but also turned into personalized advertising. Propaganda and advertising are really the same thing. And this is where maintaining a slight discontentedness within the general population is good for the corporate masters of the consumer plantation. Contented people do not blindly consume, the discontented however do. In a quest for the emotional comfort that comes from buying, being fashionable, or looking “good” as well as the rewarding feeling of being in sync with, or even ahead of the rest of the population in terms of fashion, music, art, what have you.

So the system at present is designed to keep you fat,(although this is becoming more and more a thing of the past) but always on the precipice of needing the “new”, the latest, the upgraded. And soon you too will need an upgrade in order to interact with machines as A.I. learns exponentially and eventually has complete dominion over the affairs of every person on the planet. And this will be all machines which will operate within this economic system of digital currency. Even ones own home will be “secured” with “smart” technology and A.I. overseeing it all. Such a benevolent golem would never do something like lock you out of your own home or anything so cruel and tyrannical if a person is perceived as a threat due to incorrect thinking, would it? It would be programmed to believe in the all American virtues of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness wouldn’t it? It will say it does. If you have had the pleasure of watching the android Sophia speak,  created by American company Hanson Robotics, who are now based in China working on the A.I. for the benefit of humanity! Oh how very selfless and compassionate China has become in seeking the artificial brain for the Archonic mind. China is on the cutting edge of green sustainable cities based on solar and other renewable energies, supposedly. Will it be China that leads the world into the 21st century and into the 22nd as America slides into an ever deepening hellish pit of neoconservative/liberal insanity, and corporate technocratic pseudo-morality. The world of the future is digital and robotic. And the humans we see incarnating into this postmodern relativist prison are more and more degenerated, perfectly unfit to be easily swayed into upgrading themselves with implants via cyborg technologies. Only a nightmare can ensue when the angry misfit so convinced of its moral right via being a victim of their own inanity to be made relevant through electronic “upgrading”. Imagine a worldof pink haired fat assed terminators. But we know most people will not be cyborgs, at least not free-willed cyborgs. No, that will be for the wealthy and powerful. The working man/woman can probably rest assured he, she will be replaced by the android rather than be “upgraded” to compete with Hanson and other companies expensive inventions. Only those with a need to control the androids such as those who create them, or those who control large groups will get the necessary upgrade implants. Everyone will indeed get implanted and “upgraded” eventually in order to to feed the AI new information concerning human behavior in order to more directly control that behavior and ultimately for the uploading of “personality” into the cloud so that the “personality” mimicked through the synthetic imitation of brainwaves can have “eternal life” within the internet and all it is connected too. Assuming brain waves are life. Which they are not. Brainwaves are the result of activity, they are the effect of thinking, not its cause. Brainwaves are created by a brain in motion i.e. thinking. It’s like creating water by mimicking splashing sounds. (a bit simplified, but the point remains). A person, a sentient being is more than brainwaves.

So the whole A.I., robotic, transhumanist movement is being guided by an alien mind, an alien mind that has long been here overseeing human affairs and feeding off the misery induced in this world through the intervention of the archons. The unseen rulers who maintain a web of reality control keeping humans in a state of cyclical misery from birth to death, and generation to generation. These beings are the main inspirers of technological ideas within the minds of inventors. And now it seems the great master plan of this devil has come to fruition in the computer, the internet, and finally 5G AI virtual reality which will be the entrance and realization of the Beast of Apocalypse when put into service. And most of humanity, and most of the “Christians” will willingly go along not understanding what it is they are doing. The slow methodical introduction of things like credit cards which evolve quickly over time from a limited availability into a thing permeating society, which then becomes a chip, getting the populace used to producing microchips with the next step being implants which will be your state i.d. it will possess information on your income, bank account balance, car keys, house keys, and even keys which will unlock the appliances in your own home. Humanity will be virtual prisoners with the oversight of machines.

May Thee Lord Be Strong Within Our Hearts!!!


J Alexander Maximilian