Crusade Chant – 1239


Steel Knights

Seigneurs, sachiez qui or ne s’en ira. Crusade chant by René Zosso with the Clemencic Consort. Original song by Thibaut de Champagne (1201-1253) count of Champagne, king of Navarre.

1239, the Pope Grégoire IX call to arms in order to free the Holy Land. Thibaut leads this crusade and write this song to convince people to follow him.

Personnal lyrics translation :

Milords, those who will not travel
To this land where God lived and died
And will not take the holy cross
May not go to heaven

Who has no pity and remembrance,
Shall to the High Lord seek his vengeance,
To free his land and country

Bad people will stay behind,
They do not love God, honour his name and pray him
Everybody has in mind ” What will do my wife?”
Do not leave her with somebody whoever he is
It would be silly
There are no…

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Krist trumps Nietzche

O vile Nietzsche. How much more MIGHT did Krist have over thee? Thou small gnat of the soul. Blaspheme HE who suffered for ALL. You suffered only your own vain illusions and demons. Superiority? Nay. Complex inferiority is your lot forever O’ ignoble jester.


See, here I fell from Heaven, not cast out but by My Will alone. I fell here into this world, like my Krist this is not my home.

I fell here to bleed and to suffer, to aid with my blood Thee Krist. By suffering sweetly detached I aid in the ascending of Life.

Not life that is birthed here in pain, but Life which is Eternally new. We’ll raise all the Souls in existence to that which is eternally True!

For True Loves origin is not of this world, it comes from GOD beyond the veil. For True Loves nature is Deathless, and will release even those souls  in hell.

See, here I fell from Heaven. Not cast out but in accordance with Will. Descended to combat the enemy, a Destiny to be fulfilled.

Sieg Geist!

Frater Priest MAN.

Templi UNAM 2016 at the end of the year 126.



An Onions Layers

This world, or realm we inhabit which is greatly normalized by the purveyors of this global societies cultural creators, (the word cultural being a stretch but for the convenience of communication that is what they will be referred to as.) in that everything is made to seem solid, predictable, and devoid of any Spirit. In a haunted world they declare “no spirit all matter”! These non self- supporting life forms theorize there is no spirit, much less Spirit! Yet cannot tell us by what force are we and all other things supported and put into motion.

I contemplated this deeply for some time. How it is not “i” that has supported self nor put self into motion. It is something other, something beyond the sense perceptions as it is so large and all encompassing. It is a Sentient Force beyond that of the worlds spiritual unseen ruler and director even, who can of his own accord create nothing, something must preexist So even those satanic autamotons are motioned by that Force beyond their creator who manipulates that which was already here. And now is it even more Sanctified by the Blood of Thee Logos which was put upon the world creating a gateway into the Pristine Cosmos.

There are in this one world several layers of “reality” all of which inhabit the same exact space albeit on another frequency. These although being in same space can be understood as being layered by each realms material density. Hell realms fo r instance are of even greater material density than say our realm. Whereas higher realms are less dense, more aetheric, ascending up toward Godhead/ Divinity. So the Blood of Thee Logos being poured out over the world was in fact His higher Heavenly purified reality being directly connected to this one, which can be accessed by individuals who have the capacity to through a Deep KNOWING exist in that pristine realm, and ours at the same moment thusly bridging the two. This here is the POTENCY of Krists Holy and Precious Blood. For Saints Faith is a Knowing. A Deep Communion with the Good God. A Magician too if He is Honorable and in Service to Krist is in this Deep Communion, and Thusly do they seek to heal and to bring Order. Now they who have become most perfected and walk in the way of the Magician Saint, here is a miracle worker who piercing the veil of reality, being filled with Thee Blood, being given the Vision of Thee Graal, swearing to walk in humility among the children of God, and to walk with Fire! amongst the worldly to be a sign of Judgment, and of Salvation and Illumination for those who seeing the great error of their wickedness in contempt for all life and innocence prostrate themselves before the Rightful Justice of the Holy and Fiery Sword of Thee Lord!

Kristos Phosphorous!

In the Light of the Holy Spirit may that Blood be in your heart!

Priest MAN


Worlds Apart Within the Same Space

The Blood of God.

Flowing in the Firmament.

Two worlds exist in one.

Same space, same moment.

This world I dwell in, Pure and Holy! Blissful and True! Consecrated by that Holy Blood is this world. All things in it transmuted into living symbols of Truth! Depositories of Krists Blood, and Thee Good Gods Graces

The other world. Here in the same space as above. Ignorant of the Blood, mired in death and eternal death! Seeking only gratification of senses, fleeting and forever unsatisfied. Slaves to passing passions!


Vain Pretense

Concerned with vain & worldly things most men put great import upon these things and other men who parade their vain misunderstandings before them. Gathered together in their cliques, writing about Aryanism while serving the enemy in daily labors. Spreading their confounded ideas with apostolic zeal,  They speak much of spirituality and know a good deal about it. All for their own vanity. Attached to identities and illusions greatly. I must deny all of it! I do not care how popular or loved by men one is, it matters not. I was never about what you are, I do not “fight” for what you fight for.

You have chosen to defend a group who promotes bullying as “might”, whose leader is a practicing homosexual with a young Asian boyfriend and says one of his main objectives is to have ” fresh meat” from the boys and young men that are attracted to this “way of men” which should be called “the fantasy way of perverted satanist homosexuals”. If this is the group you want to ” fight for your children” and white people we are on very opposite sides. Plus I’m not concerned with white people. If you could really see what time it is you would abandon every pretense you adhere to and prostrate thyself before The Father! If I have thusly painted myself into a corner concerning your most confounded and ill conceived beliefs it is a corner possessing a doorway by which I can get away from this confounded music scene which fancies itself a political and cultural revolution.