A Tree, A Cross.

A witness is here.

This Apocalypse unfolds, it blooms~

petals falling after petals falling, as it pushes outward from its central portion. 

Endless into the cemetery dust of humanity.

This flower blooming,

endlessly, forward, petals falling after petals falling.

Producing new, all to fade! New to age, new to grave. That endless march from birth to death! Leaves poor man

in bewilderment.

What mystery!

Only the Tathagata’s know the reason existence exists. And that is because it does!

The teeth of time, the mouth of,? hell, and the jaws of DEATH! Whirling here in time.

A tree we are, rounded in flesh! Crucified to this tree by sentience! We are crucified to the world! 


A Meeting in the Ice

He! Our Noble Lord and Leader~ True, Eternal, and Just! Maintains the equilibrium his sword shall ne’er rust!

Eyes of piercing ice, within a raging flame! His pupils square and animate, He is separate from the same.

Thee Master did to me approach, in His Illuminated Disk. BleSSing with His right hand, he spoke to me like this…

“Within this realm of suffering, this samsara, this veil of tears. Thou must destroy iniquity and combat all thy fears!

Look deep into thy very soul, and upon death meditate. Of flattery do rid thyself, and maintain a mindful state.

In this yuga- this iron age, now at its grand summation. One needs be in True Purity to repel its infiltration!

Let not the demon be thy guide, for this thy mind keep crystal clear! Initiate the Anahat! Not one devil shalt thou fear!

Let The Flame of Phosphorous guide you through this age of night. Combat the inner enemy with Thee Good Gods Holy Light!

For this is a hidden Combat, which mediocre eyes do never see. A combat against the lesser which exists in you and me!

For many think they’ve vanquished this enemy inside! But remain enchained to this world long after they have died.

So grab the reigns of Devadatta and ride across the sky! For we the Hero’s of Thee Lord, Realized will never die!”





Twin faced deceiver, smiles and frowns in sadness and gladness in his achievement, his illusory gain. Satan he is laughing. The victory seeming easy and simple. Will become for him no victory at all. For he will crucify himself to this world, this burning wheel of samsara.

Power snatched! Or seemingly so, but not really. It is all a sad illusion. The heights of Power! In Destiny!…???? What is destiny? What are the heights of Power? Nothing. Just a wheel of crucifixion. A crucifixion sans ressurection. Illusory power.

This is the devils promise. He speaks to you of destiny. Of power gained, of leadership. By what supreme investiture was this power conferred? Not by God. Not by Buddhas, nor the Tathagatas, nor the Bodhisattva’s, nor the Krist, nor the Angels. This height, this supposed height, was built and conferred by men.

Such is the world and those who follow its maxims, that positions, and prestiges are the mark of nobility. But in these dark days it is not these external, fleeting, and passing things which bear a mark of distinction. It is the Soul! And it must be clear of clutter. And so do I here VOW! that I shall let NO MORE! Anger at another’s false words of malediction ever rise me again! For their lies are their own, and they shall set them nailed to this world. May they, may I be liberated from this snare!

OM Shanti!

2016. J. A. Maximilian

Starre of Starres, Avenging Love.

Starre of Starres! Holy Light!

All Thee Starres align with my heart. With Thee Heart of Kristos. That Holy Heart, REALIZED. Deep and death destroying. From that central portion of Thee Kosmos!

Thee absolute point, Diamond Vajra! Thee ThunderBolt! Crashes! And signals Thee Conquerors arrival. Flames of Fury! Consume all iniquity. Hooves of Fire! Ride over the world and the iniquitous! Thee Lord of Light Triumphant Reigns!

Set that same Love in thy heart wherewith that Fire of GODs Holy Sword is illumined! Let it set you ablaze and reach out to that Diamond Mind of all Ancient Krists and Buddhas. All is illumined and illuminating.

A Cult is not an Order

Thee Light of Krist is for those who can Be who they are, and be honest in this Being. The realm of Magik and the Occult is a place filled with the self deceiving and inflated. What is the path? The path is a process of self and Self discovery, with the aim of the exorcizing the lesser elements of a persons psyche and exercise, advance, and perfect the individuals higher elements and aspects. For instance where one is overcome by greed they would ignore those impulses and cultivate charity. Where one is overcome by narcissism that would be ignored and selflessness would be cultivated.  Unfortunately for many magik, and the occult is a blanket with which they conceal or attempt to conceal from themselves and others the mediocre truth of their being. This is really sad. For that which should be propelling them upward in self discovery, and the shedding of falsity becomes a stifling fantasy land wherein falsity and self deception is heaped up.



A Ghost Ship of Fools!

In the bedroom hiding from the world out the window. Through the blackened mirror the man- child dwells in lies. A castle of illusion not based in any Truth, a cocktail of psych meds keeps this so called master “sane”.

He has power over others, they have made of him their idol. They gave up to him all Will which would be their own. Thinking him a master, for none have intuition. This ship of fools sets sails to destructions end.


The lavender hazed sky bends down to kiss the bloodied Earth. Where they meet there twixt the two is the place of eternal birth.

There beset in twilight forever, the hazy Greenray unveils. The visions within this mantle deflect all satanic spells.

For here in this forest where the Green Knight He rides, Krist within ALL things veiled there He hides. Within the leaves of midsummer’s trees. Within the flowery whispering breeze. And in that whisper gently Krists speaks.

J. Alexander Maximilian 2016