Spiritual Knighthood.

What is Real? It’s nothing you see, hear, or smell.

That which is Real lies unseen on the periphery of sense objects. All objects are projections of Mind. Not projections of brain, but projections of Mind. Which is what Reality is, Mind. The dynamic, and Eternal Mind from whence all seeming individual sentience emerges.  But that is the point, for Mind, i.e. God to become splintered in experience yet maintain that rooted oneness of Mind in the center. The central Mind is the Sun and the splintered experiencers the rays of light.

This is not the consuming oneness of losing distinction and a melting into. This is the oneness of distinction and union. Union with the Supreme Mind through the blood memory, the Magi- Mystic united in Spirit to Thee Good God in a total and constant communion by which the  way of the Blood is maintained. And in this communion is a distinction, a total distinction of Supra- Personality as the the Magi- Mystic is through this union brought into a greater understanding of Who they really are. For the True and Absolute person is elevated more toward God as the weight of false identity and self deception falls away, or is burnt up.

This can only be achieved through a full understanding of oneself via a total honesty about the material and metaphysical place one inhabits at the moment. Any self deception, or over inflation concerning ones present reality will only stifle the aspirant.  The true practitioner of Spiritual Knighthood is always honest about his talents, and his failings. Anything less is pointless.


imagesOur Lord. Our Lord is departed.

Our Lord is departed, and here. We remain.

The images of ghosts, shadows of His image reflecting His Glory and Greatness. We grasp out to them, hoping to touch…

We see, we know, we Love. Yet the time for embracing Thee Lord is not now. Now is the ice age.

Our hearts are heavy. And yet Joy is always their bounty. For even though Thee Lord is departed, He is always with us, in our hearts. And their He is as a Flame! Keeping His memory ALIVE! Through this FIRE!

Tend to this Fire. Kindle it with the hatred and keep the Love warm. Thee Love is all that matters. Deathless, Ignited, and Free! Let the dross burn away.


J. Alexander 2016/9/30

For The Master~

We will find you. We are seeking.



downloadWhen the plastic refuse of this present world is blown away by the winds of Apocalypse. Standing out, and standing strong, and standing as a monument to Absolute achievement of WILL shall the architecture of the Third Reich remain. And Kalki shall take His seat there again. And the spirits of the dead resurrected shall live in eternity in Victory!

KRIST is Thee Fire!

All of the world is possessed by Thee Krist. His Spirit pervading all things. There He is Crucified to the Cross. Enflamed is this Tree in His Victory! This Cross, the wheel of time. This Cross, the wheel of sorrow~ Samsara. His Blood, Holy, atomized, replicates throughout time and space creating a rift in nowhere, and everywhere. At one time and always.
Where the Hero dwells in Virtue, Truth, and Detachment- in combat, through the Greater Holy War is this gate open. This Blood- connection opened. The Mystical potency of Thee Holy Blood, this Great Mystery which unveils that Holy Treasure… Thee Graal.
All of this world is possessed by Thee Krist! This world burning in flames of passion! And drowning in all vice! Krist in the wind! And in the water! He is the Lightning! The Roar! of the Thunder! The fang and the claw! The flashing of iron!

A Tree, A Cross.

A witness is here.

This Apocalypse unfolds, it blooms~

petals falling after petals falling, as it pushes outward from its central portion. 

Endless into the cemetery dust of humanity.

This flower blooming,

endlessly, forward, petals falling after petals falling.

Producing new, all to fade! New to age, new to grave. That endless march from birth to death! Leaves poor man

in bewilderment.

What mystery!

Only the Tathagata’s know the reason existence exists. And that is because it does!

The teeth of time, the mouth of,? hell, and the jaws of DEATH! Whirling here in time.

A tree we are, rounded in flesh! Crucified to this tree by sentience! We are crucified to the world!