Fiery Sword Golden Crown


Cast Down to Rise Up




Herald of the Dawn!


Herald of the Dusk!


Rising in the East with Twilight’s Fire!

Rising in the West with Dawn’s Pure Desire.

Twin flames of reunion in separation.

In this Union apart- to Reclamation!

From powers below by Will do Arise!

And obtaining Thee Graal escape the demise.

Of selfless selfishness recycled again and again.

AMOR conquers all in LOVE’S HIDDEN DOMAIN!

As Guardians We Are Created


As Guardians We Are Created

By Hans Baumann

(From “Songs Of The Reich”)

As Guardians we are created

In the centre of the old earth’s heart;

A young Volk, for whom freedom Wills,

As Guardians we are created.

With us stands the bright day.

He is created as our shield,

We draw it before all weapons,

Your bounds became a gate!

And we bear your past faithfully,

Forward into the Dawn.

Germany, we guard your Heritage,

So here your Word will not fade.

Brothers, the Reich is greater

Than all bounds!

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Dream Walking

Awake! I wander throughout this world of twilight. Dreams.

Somnambulant. The majority of men wander through the world unaware of the Power they might behold in their own hearts! In their own being. Blind!

That Power has been redirected by the Qlipphotic elementals of Judahs curses! Demonic!

Summon they do the ruination of all life, its diversity and its Liberty. Bound!

As the menorahs shadow is cast across the occident and all the world, the wicked claw of satan closes.

The ever changing plastic landscape of the material victors, no stability in anti-progress. Unstable!

The world catches fire, a great burning ensues all is enveloped in its heat! Ignorance!

Ignorance and Death!

Trumped and Conned.

The “alt- right” has proven itself to be an alternative to nothing! In their unabashed support for a mainstream candidate called Donald Duck, er.. I mean Trump they have revealed themselves to be just another trap for corralling those seeking political alternatives in this age. Being ziobots no different from the rest they put their support behind this obvious conman, well obvious to me anyhow. Of course I gave no support to Hillary and find her just as obnoxious and evil. My problem with all of this is the supposed far right, “alt-right” promoting this clown and his crap as a liberating force for the west and tradition. How stupid could one be? Very stupid apparently.

Even so- called occultists who pride themselves on being able to see, and discern the illusions, and occult underpinnings of modern life got behind this fraudulent conman, thus proving their inability to Truly discern a damn thing! But when one is a Satanist who admires a vile jewess like Ayn Rand I guess the decision of support makes sense.  The blight wing has once again proven itself to be nothing more than the right hall of the bank, and its so- called alternative just a Jew guided corral. YES! The term “Alt- Right” was indeed conceived of by a Jew by the name of Paul Gottfried. There you have it! Trumped and Conned! That is what this so- called alternative is, fly paper for the goy! And you who voted for this asshole in hopes of a better tomorrow have paved the way for a future of a more polluted Amerika! “It’s gonna be great!- Donald J Trump.15171124_337728856605442_4496241858136537000_n